Conserus™ Image Repository

Conserus Image Repository offers an easy way to archive and manage data by providing a single view of imaging information across disparate healthcare enterprises; without locking you into a specific PACS.

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Communicate, Consolidate. Collaborate


Centralized management of image data to help reduce the number of individual systems that need maintenance and disaster recovery plans.


Vendor agnostic image repository solution that provides a better way to archive, manage and deliver your imaging data.


Achieve economies of scale by investing in a single larger storage platform for all image data and savings from never needing to migrate PACS data again.


Helps enable image data sharing between disparate healthcare enterprises or systems, where such sharing is legally permitted.


Helps reduce the complexity of integrations and interfaces across the enterprise.


Helps simplify enterprise-wide access to imaging information and facilitates enhanced clinical collaborations.

Facilitate Image Management


Conserus image repository system dashboard

  • Connectivity & bandwidth.
  • Process & interface health.
  • Archive storage capacity.

Conserus image repository retention management

  • Create retention/purge rules in line with official hospital retention policies and those that may be set per facility.
  • Protect patient data for legal cases.
  • Determine which studies to delete using multi-phase review and delete cycle.

Conserus image repository exception tracker

  • Interface helps you track and resolve issues arising from communication over standard interfaces.

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