Conserus™ Enterprise Viewer

Conserus Enterprise Viewer is the helps providers view patient images and reports at any time from across the enterprise, with a powerful set of diagnostic software tools that helps them collaborate from any location.

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Singular Access to Clinical Data


Access medical images from any web-enabled device.


Gain mobility with a secure, zero-footprint HTML-5 viewer.


View images from any location across the enterprise with sophisticated tools diagnosis from any location.


Collaborate in real time with other clinicians.

Comprehensive, Secure, Flexible


Singular access to all clinical data

  • Enables healthcare professionals to securely view patient images and reports from across the enterprise, anytime and anywhere.
  • Provides multi-ology support.
  • Improves collaboration among caregivers by allowing clinicians, regardless of their location or device platform, to initiate a secure collaborative session and take advantage of powerful tools.

Security and flexibility

  • Support for multiple PACS and multi-vendor PACS environments.
  • Secure architecture and server-side rendering to protect patient data.
  • Support for multiple device platforms, browsers, and screen sizes.

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