Member Premium Payments

A member-centric solution for payers that want a positive member experience and a simplified premiums collections process by offering easy-to-use options for bill payment.

Maximize Engagement and Collections

Simplify the member experience with a painless premium collections process and increase timely payments with auto-pay options.

Offer member-friendly payment options to improve satisfaction and increase collections. Omni-channel options include mobile, online, IVR, lockbox, in-person, and agent-assisted payments.

Handle all your consumer payment needs with one vendor. As one of the largest payment processing networks in healthcare, we process over $1.5 billion in consumer payments annually.

Improve member engagement with proactive, personalized outreach, digital engagement, and retention strategies.

Reduce operational complexity, enabling cost savings, and decreasing customer support calls and unnecessary, costly paper delivery of premium bills.

Provide automatic deposit and reconciliation of funds options to members via an online wallet with access to desired funding sources and automatic deposits.

Member-friendly Premium Payment Collection

Prepare members with multiple payment options

  • Offer multiple payment solutions sensitive to member preferences, providing multiple secure payment options, using member-friendly language, and connecting with members digitally.
  • Give members the option to pay via mobile, online, IVR, lockbox, in-person, and agent assisted.

Simplify with a single posting file

  • Deposit seamlessly into the appropriate account and provision of consumer payment posting information.
  • Streamline your operations with a single posting file.

Enhance with merchant services

  • Leverage our merchant services capabilities to simplify premium payment processing.
  • Gain efficiencies with payment tools and merchant processing integrated in a single solution.

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