A solution for pharmacies that want integration of Medicare supplemental information and a more accurate patient collection process at the point-of-care.

Improve Revenue Capture

Reduce the challenges of patient invoicing with real-time integration of Medicare supplemental data at the point of dispensing.

Significantly reduce administrative challenges associated with generating patient refunds and invoices by submitting accurate information.

Receive corrected information via pharmacy messaging when a discrepancy occurs.

Improve collection of the appropriate co-insurance for patients without supplemental coverage.

Enable compliance with optional limits on override capabilities at the store level.

Get the right information the first time, with real-time access to patients’ supplemental coverage data.

Get the Right Information, the First Time

MedRx Network

  • Delivers a complete offering designed to achieve compliance with Medicare Part B/DME requirements using our best-in-class MedRx platform.
  • Reviews the Group ID against recent electronic remittance advice housed in the MedRx Network when a Medicare Part B/DME claim is submitted to provide real-time supplemental coverage indication.
  • Fully integrates pharmacy messaging with enrollment status or corrected information into the pharmacy management system workflow.

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