Clinical Network Solutions

A solution suite for providers that want to securely capture and share clinical information, improve hospital-physician alignment, coordinate care between providers, and streamline clinical workflow.

Facilitate Lab Testing Via Our Clinical Network Service

Our Clinical Network lab service gives you access to one of the nation's largest lab networks. You can locate laboratories, submit orders for COVID-19 tests (as well as all other tests offered), and receive results electronically; there is no-cost for enrollment or usage.

Clinical Connectivity and Care Coordination

Patients at the center of care

Consumers need to participate in their own care with access to their results, and be empowered to communicate with their providers.

Clinically integrating systems within the four walls of a hospital and externally with the community is a necessity in today’s healthcare.

Managing care coordination programs, building hospital-physician relationships, participating in government programs, and empowering patients with tools takes technology and skill to scale and support the connectivity needed.

Leading clinical exchange

Our clinical technology provides a highly-scalable intelligent network and an integration platform with clinical exchange technology that connects healthcare systems with providers, payers, and pharmacies.

We provide native EHR support, including industry-leading technology for patient identity management, consent management, longitudinal patient health records, and medical home support.

Solving Network Connectivity

Data Connectivity at Scale

Improve data insights and issue resolution

Our expertise in clinical exchange interoperability – the hard part of connecting healthcare clinical data – is one of our greatest strengths.

Our repeatable data acquisition and data exchange processes allow customers to inherit test plans from other EHRs, accelerating your time to value. And our message processing transparency allows you to drill-down into data processing issues, increasing your long-term satisfaction.

We have over 25,000 interface endpoints across health systems, hospitals, and physician practices, integrate with more than 250 EMRs, and facilitate more than 2.8 billion clinical transactions per year.

Clean Orders and Results

Reduce costs and simplify connectivity

Simplify the exchange of clinical data to deliver clean orders, results, admits, reports, and prescriptions.

Utilizing a single standards-based connection integrated into the existing workflow, streamlines processes to allow management of patient outcomes based on data from all diagnostic providers, including lab systems, providers, payers, and pharmacies.

Patients Engagement

Empower patients to take charge of their health

Provide tools for patients to directly engage with their healthcare providers. 

Utilizing single sign-on, patients have access to their health information and educational materials which can support Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and government program requirements.

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