Clinical Abstraction

A medical record-driven reporting solution for payers that want to optimize management of quality-related data for HEDIS and Stars, collect and track medical records, and execute chart abstractions at various process levels.

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Scalable Medical Record Abstraction

control costs

Control costs with scalable capacity of our U.S. offices in Georgia and Kentucky, or our offshore office in Manila.

real-time medical record retrieval

Know the status of medical records retrievals in near real-time with the self-service Alert Portal.

achieve high accuracy rates

Achieve high accuracy rates supported by our rigorous quality control.

seamlessly integrate charts

Seamlessly integrate charts with Quality Performance Advisor.

Trust, Accuracy, and Transparency

trusted medical record expertise

Trusted expertise

  • Rely on our 20 years of experience in medical records retrieval, coding, and abstraction for HEDIS and Stars.
  • Help to improve coding accuracy with our clinically trained staff and quality control.
  • Scale to suit your needs with our onshore or offshore offices.
fully integrated quality analytics

Fully integrated with quality analytics solution

  • Option to retrieve medical records and perform clinical coding and abstraction in a one-stop-shop solution and integrate with our Quality Performance Advisor solution, named Best in KLAS in Payer Quality Analytics 2018.
  • Eco-scale and code medical records for risk adjustment.
real-time transparency

Near Real-time transparency

  • Stay up to date on the status of retrieval and abstraction through the Alert Portal that shows the status of chart retrievals in near real time.
  • Manage the process and communicate internally using the Alert Portal that provides a dashboard, key sites, member view, pends by site, and other features.

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