Executive Capacity Management Dashboard

An enterprise management dashboard for healthcare providers that presents at-a-glance operational information for improved efficiency and capacity management.

Identify and Resolve Operational Issues

Break down silos and enable smarter planning enterprise-wide. Provide greater transparency and access to patient flow and capacity information (both current and forecasted) throughout your organization.

Identify at-risk metrics immediately through color-coded visualizations and actionable graphs. Drill down into details to identify causes and proactively manage critical situations.

Address bottlenecks in real time with greater visibility into your organization. Executives, managers, and staff can take corrective actions to alleviate current and projected pain points.

Access information at any time, anywhere, from any device. The dashboard uses cloud-based tools to give you visibility into hospital operations through both fixed monitors and mobile devices.

Improve Performance with Real-Time Hospital Productivity Metrics

Real-time hospital performance metrics to drive productivity

  • Incorporates a range of real-time metrics — including patient flow, discharges, demand, and staffing — from across your enterprise. Thumbnail trend line charts for inpatient and ED status cover the last 24 hours, current status and next 24 hours.
  • Inpatient flow metrics provide data on average length of stay (ALOS) for current patients and past discharges; the number of patients with ALOS over a specified threshold; the number of off-service/outlier patients; and more.
  • Emergency department metrics help you control the wait time for your ED. Multiple inputs and views help staff accelerate throughput, improve patient care, and remove roadblocks.

A dashboard with intuitive, configurable data presentation

  • Data is pulled from a range of capacity management sources, analyzed against your site-specific thresholds and performance indicators, and presented in a unified, easily understood graphical summary.
  • Highly configurable snapshots provide flexible views of multiple time spans, including real time, 24 hours, one to seven days, and longer.
  • Cloud-based tool is built on Microsoft Azure and hosted by Change Healthcare. You will always use the latest version of the software, which works on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop).

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