Enterprise Visibility

A patient tracking system for hospitals that need real-time visibility into patient status from admission to discharge for optimized patient throughput.

Improved Hospital Patient Flow Management

Help speed patient flow and improve patient safety by providing a clear view of each patient’s status. Informed staff can deliver the best care in the most efficient manner possible, helping to ensure on-time discharges.

Help deliver safe, high-quality care with tighter budgets and fewer resources. Meet new health system challenges related to value-based care, such as days in hospitals, bed capacity and appropriately certified staff. 

Synchronize physical and staff resources with enterprise-wide visibility to provide a more efficient, effective, and safe patient journey.

Drive better outcomes while increasing patient volume by quickly identifying patients with critical results or orders pending. Track patient location, status and room availability at a glance. 

Work to reduce hospital length of stay by synchronizing care coordination, improving flow, and driving discharge compliance.

Remove roadblocks and minimize interruptions by displaying patient and room status. Staff members can clearly track where patients are and what they need.

Patient Flow Analysis with Visual Cues

Deceptively simple transparency

  • Sophisticated vector graphics, including color, animation and timers, enable a wealth of discrete information for a single patient (or patient room) to be imparted to a broad range of people.
  • Visually stacked data layers use specific meanings for each color, icon and pattern, allowing vital information to be communicated clearly and intuitively.
  • Custom views between units such as the ED, ICU and PACU help everyone understand not only what's happening now, but also what is expected to happen and when (e.g., potential discharges and transfers).

Custom geospatial views

  • Data from your ADT, EHR, and other systems is mined for relevant information, transformed into intuitive visual icons, and displayed against geospatial maps of your floorplans.
  • Transformed visual data is then broadcast on large-screen electronic boards in nursing unit hallways and nursing stations, within your ED and bed management areas, and in the executive suite.
  • Custom views can also be displayed on desktops and mobile devices, which helps to ensure that all stakeholders – including nursing units, transport, environmental services and more – are on the same page.

Mobility for the entire team

  • The  patient tracking system helps speed hospital bed turns by up to 20 minutes, in part by reducing non-productive EVS time spent identifying where to go next. Transparency increases accountability and gives staff members more autonomy.
  • Clinicians can quickly see the status of each dirty room, including elapsed time for cleanings in progress, and infer when each room will be available — without phone calls.
  • Clinicians can quickly see the status of each dirty room, including elapsed time for cleanings in progress, and infer when each room will be available — without phone calls.

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