Capacity & Resource Advisor™

A cloud-based forecasting solution for hospitals and health systems that want to accurately and precisely predict daily and unexpected demand to align staffing and other resources for optimal use.  

Refine Hospital Capacity Planning

Improve the accuracy of demand forecasting using advanced data models 

Help ensure care quality and reduce waste through more precise resource alignment

Handle day-to-day hospital staff capacity planning challenges with actionable insights embedded into existing workflows

Plan for unexpected volume surges with predictive analytics that model capacity challenges 

Precisely Align Resources With Predicted Demand

Data-Driven Healthcare Demand Forecasting

  • Automatically pull key data from your organization’s existing systems, including workforce management, patient flow, and admission-discharge-transfer (ADT) systems. 
  • Apply machine learning to predict patient volume surges and capacity shortfalls more accurately.
  • Refine forecasts over time as the technology learns from new data.

Day-to-Day Hospital Capacity Management

  • Access actionable insights without leaving staffing and scheduling workflows.
  • Spot urgent resource issues quickly with traffic-light visuals and dashboards.
  • Adjust staffing on the fly with the Nurse Optimization Tool that prescribes specific staffing actions based on current volumes.

Emergency Planning

  • Use AI-driven, what-if modeling to plan for likely emergencies, infrequent large-scale events, and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Learn from actual events. Our solution automatically updates forecasts as events happen, increasing the accuracy of predictions going forward.
  • Balance capacity across multiple care sites during large-scale disruptions using our solution’s multi-facility, regional capacity view.

Rapid Implementation

  • Get up-and-running quickly with cloud-based, consultant-led implementation. 
  • Partner with our experts to identify key objectives and configure the system for meaningful results.
  • Get a full year of hands-on support. 

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