ANSOS™ Staff Scheduling

An enterprise productivity management solution for healthcare providers that want to anticipate workload requirements, meet staffing variations in real time, and balance clinical needs with staff’s professional goals.

Bring Medical Staffing Back to the Bedside

Increase employee satisfaction and productivity with flexible self-scheduling options, equitable workload distribution, and smart phone access to schedules and assignments.

Manage labor costs by optimizing staff deployment through workload monitoring and vacancy fulfillment. Empower managers to maintain overtime, agency, and labor utilization on a shift-by-shift basis.

Apply work rules fairly and consistently with automatic schedule generation and roster generation. Conflict-check requirements and automatically fill coverage holes with credentialed staff.

Reduce time spent on staff management functions by up to 75%. Increase productivity with comprehensive qualification and education tracking, task and team assignments, and cost-effective staff utilization.

Streamline staff and management communication with increased visibility into current work conditions. Redeploy staff in real time, swapping assignments or recalibrating unit coverage with drag-and-drop tools.

Manage credentialing for magnet recognition and provide data validation for Joint Commission, NDNQI, and state agencies with a centralized, integrated database of employee demographic data.

Improve Staffing Efficiency and Reduce Labor Costs

Proactive staff scheduling

  • Leverage our three decades of expertise. ANSOS Staff Scheduling was recently recognized in the 2018 Best in KLAS Awards as Category Leader in Scheduling: Nurse and Staff Segment.
  • Automatically generate proactive hospital scheduling based on core coverage goals, customized scheduling rules and individual scheduling preferences. A scheduling simulator lets you review potential impact on costs and patient care.
  • Increase transparency with a centralized dashboard of immediate staffing conditions within your cost center, cost center group, facility or enterprise. Easily redeploy qualified staff to align staffing with actual demand.
  • Provide smart phone scheduling access with ANSOS2Go application. Staff can view start and end times, work shift and location of assignments. Managers can see where employees are scheduled to work, and can send emails or texts through the app.

Equitable schedule management

  • Empower staff to choose fulfilling schedules via Web Scheduler access, enabling at-home schedule management. Increase the rate of filled shifts and decrease agency usage by providing staff with access to open-shift opportunities.
  • Time-stage open shifts by employee tiers for equitable self-scheduling, or help reduce overtime by posting open shifts first to part-time staff. Customizable security configurations and self-scheduling options provide each unit with flexibility.
  • Enable managers to approve or deny all employee requests and manage daily paid time off. Managers can monitor the variance between required shifts and filled shifts in real time for better schedule management.

Clinically-driven assignments

  • Collect patient acuity and workload data to accurately forecast staffing requirements for both the current shift and a 24-hour projection. ANSOS Acuity and Assignment Manager helps you improve positive patient outcomes.
  • Balance workload distribution in real time. Improve the quality of patient care with an effective skill mix and staffing ratios; boost staff accountability through recorded patient history.
  • Create patient-level assignments by using a real-time aggregation of charting documentation criteria to support objective, user-defined patient acuity assessments. You can quickly realign resources based on the current patient/staff mix.

Trend analysis and variance intervention

  • Increase productivity and transparency across the enterprise with dynamic data updates. The Web Reporting module provides graphic dashboards to help you analyze key indicators in real time for proactive productivity management.
  • Address variances in actual, targeted and budgeted values before they become critical. Pinpoint areas of concern by quickly drilling down from the summary level into the details of shift-by-shift staffing.
  • Retrieve historical data for current and past date ranges for detailed analysis and trending. Build reporting groups by unit or service line, and calculate costs based upon a variety of site-specific time frames.

Providing Measurable Value

hours in advance for forecast staffing
years staffing for patient care

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