ANSOS eShift™

A self-scheduling and open shift management solution for providers that want to decrease agency usage, improve communication, and empower staff with flexible scheduling options.

Fill Open Shifts

Enable staff to make proactive scheduling decisions based on their financial goals and work/life balance needs.

Ensure equitable staffing by automatically selecting the most qualified employee for a shift based on organization-defined criteria.

Increase retention rates by simplifying self-scheduling for nurses and other staff. Improve morale by giving staff the freedom to pick up shifts at will.

Improve manager/team communication with internal messaging tool. Shift-swapping functionality automates exchanges, while managers can proactively monitor the schedule as necessary.

Leverage current staff to fill open shifts, improving the quality and consistency of care. Realign resources to reduce costs of agency usage.

Promote balanced schedules with automatic limits, rules-based scheduling templates and staggered shift release options.

Self-Scheduling for Nurses

Multi-stage release of open shifts

  • Release open shifts to progressively larger staffing groups in pre-specified stages, helping to ensure optimal coverage, staffing fit, and efficiencies.
  • Unit scheduling managers choose their shift publication methodologies: fixed rate, premium pay, multi-phase, or a variety of bidding and auctioning options.
  • eShift can serve as a complete self-scheduling tool throughout the enterprise, allowing staff to coordinate schedules according to preferences and boosting morale.

Qualified coverage for full compliance

  • Automatic rules enforcement tracks maximum, minimum, and required work parameters from the individual level to the facility level, ensuring employee compliance while reducing management oversight.
  • Current full-time, part-time and internal registry staff have access to view and request only the open shifts for which they qualify, increasing compliance and reducing manager oversight.

Software as a service (SaaS)

  • This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution has a small footprint, is easy to implement, and can be deployed within six weeks with minimal IT support.
  • Easy-to-use interface and streamlined, intuitive workflow minimizes the length and cost of training.

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