Hospital Capacity Management Solutions

A solution suite for providers that want to precisely predict patient demand, align resources, schedule staff, and accelerate patient flow.

Improve Patient Throughput and Experience

Creating a better healthcare system

Efficiency is critical to ensuring safer care, controlling costs, and creating an outstanding patient experience.

To become more efficient, accurate demand forecasting, acuity-aligned staffing, and dynamic patient flow displays are essential to ensure a proactive, not reactive, approach for delivering great patient care and saving money.

Our capacity management solutions help you accurately predict patient demand so you can align resources, optimally schedule staff based on patient acuity needs, and accelerate the patient’s journey through your hospital with safe, more cost-efficient care.

Giving back time to care

The most important job in any health system is patient care. But for too long, staff have been pulled away from the bedside to chase down clean beds for new patients or fulfill equipment needs.

Our capacity management solutions help providers more accurately predict patient demand, align staffing and scheduling based on patient acuity, adjust units and other resources based on fluctuations in demand, and visualize the patient journey through the hospital for accelerated patient throughput.

The result? We help you give your team back time to care.

Manage Patient Demand, Staff, and Flow

Tighter Cost Control

Address rising and variable staffing costs

The inability to accurately predict patient demand results in a heavy dependence on agency staff, suboptimal overtime usage, and cost variability.

Our capacity management solutions help providers more precisely predict patient demand and align that demand with the right staff skills at the right time.

The result is reduced reliance on agency staff, optimized overtime usage, and decreased staffing cost variability.

Limited Planning Capabilities

Make discharge targeting reliable

Without the ability to monitor actual versus projected patient activity and quickly adapt to variances, teams cannot set accurate admission, discharge, and other targets.

This limits the ability to track performance against these key performance indicators (KPIs) for longer-term operational planning and executive reporting.

Our solutions help you prioritize activities based on predicted discharge time and broadcasts the information to the full team so key KPIs are reliably met.

Lack of Productivity

Manage to variations instead of HPPD

Efficiencies need to be gained by managing to variations, not to average hours per patient day (HPPD), validating credentials more easily, and ensuring the right patient-to-staff ratios and percentages of licensed staff for each unit.

Our capacity management solutions help providers manage to variations through team-wide patient flow transparency, accurate prediction of patient demand, and acuity-based staff scheduling.

Executives can review operational data for efficient resource deployment.

High Average Length of Stay

Improve sluggish throughput

ALOS goals need improving through accurate patient tracking and synchronized care coordination.

Patient flow blockages also need to be resolved more quickly by increasing real-time visibility into clinical decisions and events, such as overdue medications, pending discharges, etc.

Our solutions visualize the patient journey throughout the hospital. Executives, physicians, nursing staff, environmental services, and transport all see the actions that need to be taken immediately to reduce ALOS.

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