Change Healthcare Acquires Credentialing Technology from Docufill, LLC

Nov 20, 2017, 1:00 AM
Change Healthcare Acquires Credentialing Technology from Docufill LLC
NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Change Healthcare today expanded its capabilities and product offerings with dental provider credentialing software technology acquired from Docufill, LLC. The cloud-based technology allows providers to use a single shared form across the organization to streamline the otherwise administratively complex and redundant credentialing process. As a result, provider organizations can reduce the time and cost associated with credentialing, and can also help reduce the administrative burden for the payers they work with.

"This acquisition is about helping doctors and dentists focus on the delivery of care, not the delivery of documents," said Sajid Khan, general manager, Dental Network Services, Change Healthcare. "It demonstrates our continued commitment to investing in innovation that helps providers and payers work smarter, and with more agility. Because it was developed in collaboration with doctors and administrators, Docufill technology is deliberately aligned with how a practice operates. It's easily deployed, intuitive, and engineered to help deliver savings."

Credentialing and other forms of documentation represent an enormous and growing burden for provider organizations. In the dental and medical professions, most doctors work with over 20 different insurance plans. To process claims, each insurer requires a lengthy and redundant credentialing application that typically involves multiple pages of questions and information from both doctor and office manager. This method absorbs significant administrative time and cost.

"Docufill's software was designed by administrators and doctors working together to improve the documentation process in line with how a practice actually works," said Adam Jaffe, chief executive officer, Docufill. "We are excited to become part of Change Healthcare's solutions for helping the healthcare system function better and work smarter."

Docufill's patented cloud-based software compiles multiple forms into one standard data entry form that is sharable and e-signature enabled. Administrators can complete hundreds of pages of credentialing applications with the click of a mouse.

"Docufill's technology transformed our credentialing process," said Rachel Nittinger, Manager of Credentialing, DentalOne Partners. "It was the most compelling technology available when we were looking for a solution that would allow us to support hundreds of clinicians so that they could focus on patient care. Not only has it has saved us a significant amount of time and money, because it simplified and improved our credentialing workflow, but most importantly it has allowed us to provide an unprecedented level of support to clinicians."

The Change Healthcare Intelligent Health Network™ reaches approximately 2,100 payers; 5,500 hospitals; 800,000 physicians; 600 laboratories; and 117,000 dentists. In the fiscal year ended March 16, 2016, the network processed over 12 billion healthcare-related transactions, covering over $2.0 trillion in claims and touching one in five U.S. patient records.
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