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A solution suite for payers and providers who want to optimize payment management, enable communication, and streamline payment collection.

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Make Payments More Convenient and Efficient


Optimize payment processes to lower costs

The rapidly evolving healthcare industry is creating a shift in the payment landscape for both payers and providers.

Payers strive to reduce administrative costs while maximizing electronic payments adoption, and providers are faced with increasingly changing reimbursement models and increased patient liability requires a focus on increasing cash collections.

Thus, both have common goals to reduce expenses, achieve efficiencies in print communications and payment management, and improve the payments process overall.


Streamlining electronic and printed payments for payers

We help payers to submit a single payment file to a turn-key system that handles all payment fulfillment activities, eliminating the need to worry about downstream processes.

We handle routing of payments through a large provider network according to preferred payment methods. We help payers drive the adoption of electronic payments and streamline the reconciliation process across all funding sources.

Improving the process of transacting payments and communications about payment responsibility is our goal.

Improved collection of healthcare consumer payments

The Change Healthcare SmartPay solution simplifies the payment process with consumer-friendly payment options for both consumer payment collection and premium payment processing.

Options include mobile, online, IVR, lockbox, in-person, and agent-assisted. An online wallet gives consumers easy access to their funding resources. Automatic deposit into the appropriate account assists with the provision of consumer payment posting.

Improved collection of healthcare consumer payments

Streamlined consumer communication

Streamlined consumer communication

Traditionally, consumers receive multiple statements from several providers for a single episode. This can make it confusing to understand what is owed—and when—which delays payments and contributes to bad debt for healthcare organizations.

Our user-friendly, digital approach for consumer payments eliminates these complexities with an innovative payment platform.

By streamlining payments, financial transactions are easier and more convenient for consumers, which can accelerate payments and collections for providers while improving member satisfaction.

 Improve Payments and Communication

 Consumer Liability
Increase patient payment collection

With increasingly changing reimbursement models and high-deductible health plans placing more payment liability with the patient, providers must increase their focus on cash collections, improving upfront collections and achieving efficiencies across every patient interaction.

SmartPay for Providers is an intuitive, cloud-based solution that simplifies each step of the healthcare collections process into one place, allowing increased patient payment collection, faster payment delivery, and reduced costs to collect and patient write-offs.

We enable providers to accept virtually all payment types from patients through multiple channels including online, mobile, telephone, and mail, all of which can improve the likelihood of collections by up to 224%.


Manual Remittance & Payment Conversion Process
Streamline payment posting and remittance management

With a blend of technology and skilled revenue cycle experts, our single integrated payment automation solution reduces payment posting costs, improves productivity and efficiency, reduces PHI risks, and enhances secondary billing.

Custom Provider Payments
Leverage flexible provider payment solutions

We support electronic payment modalities, such as ACH, virtual card, direct payment, as well as print payments.

Member-friendly Payment Tools
Deliver customized premium payment tools

A suite of consumer payment solutions that are sensitive to the desires of today’s member such as providing multiple payment options, using member-friendly language, and connecting with members digitally on their preferred platform.

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