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As a result of our deep reach across the healthcare ecosystem, Change Healthcare understands the impact of emerging trends—and possesses rare insight into the industry's most complex challenges. We process clinical, administrative, and financial transactions among hundreds of thousands of physicians, hospitals, and labs—as well as commercial and government payers.

We've developed three innovative packages that leverage powerful analytics to help you increase clean claims, eliminate waste from your processes, and adopt cost-saving digital practices.


3 Solutions

Administrative Performance

Simplify vendor management - help reduce administrative costs.

Performing due diligence on the front end can make your adjudication process seamless. Our Administrative Performance package helps you reduce administrative costs and streamline processes. By using one company to service all your transactions, you'll be able to take advantage of more favorable pricing—and reap the benefits of collaborating with a true strategic partner.

Administrative Performance Solutions

3 Solutions

Medical Cost Optimization

Help reduce costs and stengthen your provider relationships.

Our Medical Cost Optimization package is designed to help you reduce administrative costs while decreasing provider abrasion. Producing accurate bills for reimbursement results in lower administrative costs for both payers and providers. Driving accuracy earlier in the payment cycle increases medical cost savings and creates less friction in your provider relationships. 

Medical Cost Optimization Solutions

2 Solutions

Digital Transformation

Find balance between digital processes and print requirements.

Although the digital migration is gaining traction, it won't happen overnight—and it won't be absolute. The Digital Transformation package is intended to help you prepare for the transition while still accommodating varying member preferences, as well as print requirements for paper EOBs, paper bills, member ID cards, and remaining mail payments. 

Digital Transformation Solutions

We’re here to help your business save money.

Our multi-solution packages leverage the foundation of the claims clearinghouse to deliver strong financial value to our customers.

As your strategic partner, we offer opportunities to create development relationships for data use cases, as well as innovative pricing to help your business save money. 

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