Virtual Front Desk

A digital solution for providers who want to improve patient access, acquisition, and retention with self-scheduling and a touchless check-in system. 


5features for innovative digital patient access

Help increase volume and revenue

Attract and retain patients by offering a digital portal for efficient self-scheduling, without the need to sign in or remember user IDs or passwords.  

Improve patient satisfaction

Enhance engagement by offering an intuitive, user-friendly scheduling and registration process that lets patients complete forms via cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

Enhance patient and staff safety

Contain potentially contagious patients by using the tool’s digital messaging capabilities to direct them to separate wait areas.

Support social distancing with touchless digital patient check-in

Reduce the risk of contagion from shared tools by allowing patients to check in on their own devices.

Offer digital wait-time monitoring

Set and manage patient expectations by displaying wait times on waiting room monitors.  

What's included

  • Integrated digital registration

    • Capture registration data digitally
    • Mitigate common patient complaints, such as repetitive form-filling
    • Access documents easily via digital document storage
  • Efficient self-serve tools

    • Empower patients by allowing them to schedule their own appointments
    • Streamline the registration process with online form completion via the digital portal
    • Improve staff productivity by reducing paperwork  


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