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Settlement Advocate

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Simplify the medical settlements process for all your provider payments.

Change Healthcare Settlement Advocate is the settlement solution that consolidates draw down, reconciliation, and IRS 1099 processes for all payment types in a single platform while driving electronic payment adoption. Increased use of electronic payment methods drives cost savings, reduces workloads, and improves service levels.

  • Simplify The Payment Process

    Submit a single payment file to a turn-key system that handles all payment fulfillment activities for all of your providers. It eliminates the need to worry about downstream processes, including consolidated ACH drawdown, consolidated payment and remittance data, and automated 1099 processes.

  • Drive Electronic Payment Adoption

    Our broad array of electronic payment types helps you offer the type of payment method your providers prefer, including ACH, closed network ACH (direct payment), and card payments. Additionally, all provider payment preferences are maintained centrally to help improve provider satisfaction.