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Audit & Recovery

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Increase savings by maximizing overpayment recovery.

Audit and Recovery services help you maximize savings by identifying and recovering lost dollars due to improper payments. Our experienced team provides a fully outsourced solution, identifying inaccurate repricing, improper coding, and misapplied reimbursements, and recovering overpayments. We specialize in DRG, HCA, CCA and RXI audits and our solutions are designed to complement your infrastructure and integrate into your existing workflow.

  • Maximize Savings

    Our unique approach leverages our coding and claim expertise and extensive clinical and pharmaceutical knowledge to recover lost dollars due to improper payments.

  • Drive Efficiency

    Our services are tailored to your reimbursement policies and methodologies, so you can maximize savings without interrupting workflow processes. We provide the oversight required to combat improper payments in a complex healthcare environment.

  • Maintain Provider Satisfaction

    Our skilled staff works collaboratively with providers, obtaining their sign-off on payment recoveries on the majority of claim audits. We keep a balanced approach, along with open and clear communication with the provider community, to help ensure maximum recoveries while maintaining provider satisfaction.