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Claims and Remittance Network

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Help improve efficiency and connectivity.

Receive electronic claims processing and remittance advice through our extensive intelligent network. Claims are securely transmitted in HIPAA-compliant formats from provider to payer for receipt and payment. Automation is streamlined with advanced edits that help ensure accuracy and reduce costs. Our nationwide electronic network reach allows us to connect to any system for all payer-to-provider HIPAA-mandated transactions.

  • Help increase cost savings and efficiency

    Reliable and secure claims solutions facilitate the automated transmission of claims to help drive reduced costs and improved auto adjudication. Daily administrative claim functions are automated, which helps save time and money.

  • Help improve auto-adjudication rates

    You can utilize either basic or advanced claims services based on your needs. Advanced services are designed to help improve auto-adjudication rates, including pre-adjudication edits and services, intelligent claims routing and electronic imaging for both paper and electronic claims. Pended and rejected claims can be reduced resulting in a smoother, more consistent adjudication, and fewer delays in provider reimbursement.

  • Reduce phone calls from providers

    Our comprehensive approach provides an accurate and automated process that helps alleviate administrative burden to all stakeholders. Transparency throughout the process helps reduce errors and improves communication and results for providers.

  • Leverage our experience

    Change Healthcare is the single largest financial and administrative healthcare network in the United States. We bring actionable data to the healthcare system, providing unique insights for decision making. Our network solutions offer 20 years of experience and expertise in the healthcare claims processing industry.