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Population Health

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Unleash the value of effective population health management strategies.

Effective population health programs deploy a strategic and comprehensive approach to population health management that contemplates the organizational structures, roles, responsibilities, incentives, processes, underlying technologies, and digital tools needed to unleash the value. Our consultants have the clinical, operational, and system expertise necessary to work side-by-side with you to chart a clear path through this evolving landscape.

  • Enhance patient results

    Our consultants use clinical, financial, and operational data to provide actionable analytics and create a 360-degree view of the patient.

  • Drive better outcomes

    Our consultants work with your organization to define and execute an analytics strategy, transforming your raw data into actionable information that may improve outcomes. We enable smarter business decisions to help you anticipate and navigate the potential changes in healthcare.

  • Promote healthier member lifestyles

    Change Healthcare consultants help health plans implement strategies and technologies to educate members, monitor conditions, provide cost and quality data transparency, and promote ongoing self-management.

  • Align provider incentives

    Change Healthcare works with health plans, hospitals, and providers to design reimbursement strategies that help cost savings, positive outcomes, and patient and provider satisfaction.