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  • Transform guidance into action

    Staying connected and managing regulatory guidance is only one aspect of compliant operations. The translation of guidance into organizational requirements may help to ensure success. Our experts work with your leadership and management teams to build a culture of compliance, ensuring that proposed, pending, and final guidance is visible, considered, and accounted for.

  • Minimize risk

    Change Healthcare consultants bring years of experience and a proven approach to identify and mitigate risks at their root, helping eliminate opportunities for adverse audit findings.

  • Engage with interactive training

    Change Healthcare has developed innovative training materials to provide actionable technical, operational, and strategic assistance to cultivate a culture of learning aligned with your organizational goals.

  • Deliver expert operational insight

    Government health programs have experienced unprecedented growth that has placed increased demands on health plan operations and infrastructure, specifically on how to scale, simplify, improve functionality, and leverage existing systems, while maintaining compliance . Change Healthcare provides expert advice to help guide your organization towards achieving its strategic goals.