The "Smart" Revenue Cycle: Transforming Revenue Cycle Management Through Innovation

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is more than simple claims management and bill processing. Today, RCM is a rapidly changing, multi-billion dollar market with a complex set of challenges and a growing roster of healthcare IT (HIT) vendors promising to solve them.

On today's show, Thomas Laur, executive vice president at Change Healthcare and president of the company’s Technology Enabled Services business, brings us inside this rapidly evolving space and talks about what’s driving change, the role of new technologies such as advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, and how forward-thinking providers can mix HIT and services to optimize RCM and engage patients more effectively.

Here's what's covered in today's show:

  • How revenue cycle management is evolving (02:42)
  • Data analytics, arbitrage, and their role in increasing collections (07:59)
  • Key areas for RCM disruption in the next five years (10:34)
  • How providers can drive new payment paradigms and adoption of intelligent technologies (14:00)
  • Do intelligent RCM technologies require providers to add new skill sets? (22:34)
  • Balancing technology, professional services, and consulting to maximize ROI from intelligent RCM technologies (32:34)
  • Revenue cycle is becoming more patient-centric (25:44)

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