Six Domains of Healthcare Waste and How to Address Them

A recent JAMA article identified six domains of healthcare that are responsible for $935 billion in wasted healthcare spend annually:

  1. Failure of Care Delivery
  2. Failure of Care Coordination
  3. Overtreatment/Low-Value Care
  4. Pricing Failure
  5. Fraud and Abuse
  6. Administrative Complexity

That accounts for a staggering 25% of all healthcare dollars. On today's show, Change Healthcare's Chrissy Finn, Laura Coughlin, and Dr. Sean McCormick evaluate how the industry can address JAMA's Six Domains of Healthcare Waste. These include:

  • Evidence-based medicine, team-based care, and alternative payment models (02:40)
  • The role and responsibilities of stakeholders in reducing waste (09:17)
  • Effective care coordination and management, and better engaging patients in their care (12:33)
  • The highest priorities in reducing administrative complexity (16:40)
  • Personalizing medicine via pharmacogenetics, predictive modeling, and AI (21:50)

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