Getting A Second Opinion on Healthcare with Senator William Frist

Senator William Frist, a former U.S. Senate Majority Leader and nationally recognized heart and lung transplant surgeon, has launched a new podcast called A Second Opinion. The podcast's mission: rethinking American healthcare. We invited Sen. Frist to join Deanne Kasim, Senior Director of Federal Health Policy Strategy at Change Healthcare, to discuss healthcare innovation, policy, technology, leadership, medicine and, of course, the Senator's new podcast. Here's what they covered.

  • Why use a podcast to tackle America’s healthcare problems? (00:56)
  • The intersection of public policy, medicine, healthcare, innovation, and entrepreneurship (03:57)
  • Defining social determinants of health: what they are and why they’re important (07:24)
  • How the Nashville Health initiative determined the top three health issues for the city and how the community is tackling them (10:16)
  • The most comprehensive set of data on social determinants of health in the U.S. (14:58)
  • Four principles for improving health and wellbeing in a community (19:40)
  • Three policy issues Congress must address now (23:58)
  • The role of technology to address healthcare access and quality at the intersection of claims and clinical data (30:04)
  • Four issues that will play out in the 2020 Presidential election (33:18)

Episode Resources

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