Listen in as Sheryl Miller of Advanced Data Systems discusses why EDI is a backbone for the telemedicine surge during COVID-19. 

EDI turns 55 this year. Unlike other information technologies from 1965, EDI continues to play a crucial role in healthcare. Few can speak to EDI’s history, continual evolution, and contemporary relevance like Sheryl Miller, executive vice president for Advanced Data Systems. On today’s show, Sheryl shares the surprising role of EDI as a backbone for the COVID-19 telemedicine surge, how her company uses EDI, why EDI’s use cases are growing, and more.

Today’s show is hosted by Serrah Linares, vice president of Partner Sales for Change Healthcare, and features Sheryl Miller, executive vice president for Advanced Data Systems.

Topics they cover:

  • A brief history of EDI
  • How EDI revolutionized healthcare IT, and why it continues to drive innovation
  • Why EDI’s use cases evolved as a result of the pandemic
  • EDI as a backbone for the COVID-19 telemedicine surge
  • How COVID-19 is impacting healthcare revenue cycle management
  • How ADS is using EDI to help providers address revenue cycle challenges
  • How ADS uses EDI with Change Healthcare
  • Predicting future use cases for EDI

Episode Resources

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  8. Accelerating Cash Flow and Business Office Efficiency
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  10. Improving Self Pay Collections: One Proactive Approach
  11. Strategies To Successfully Manage Accident Claims
  12. API & Services Connection for Healthcare
  13. Medical Network Solutions
  14. Channel Partner Solutions
  15. Change Healthcare Industry Insights
  16. COVID-19 Updates and Resources
  17. COVID-19 Updates Newsletter
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