As CEO of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Joe Fifer sits at the epicenter of COVID-19’s financial impact on providers. Many of the HFMA’s 56,000 members were hit hard by the pandemic, and the HFMA has been working overtime to support them through the crisis. On today’s show, Fifer joins Change Healthcare EVP Thomas Laur for a C-suite discussion on the unprecedented challenges revenue cycle professionals now face, how providers are coping, and what can be done to help foster a faster recovery.

Here's what they covered: 

  • COVID-19’s one-two punch
  • How HFMA members are taking on their top priorities
  • A bright spot among the financial damage
  • Will telehealth change workflows forever?
  • How and when providers can get back to the office
  • HFMA’s guidance to members
  • HFMA’s financial outlook on U.S. healthcare
  • Unemployment’s implications for healthcare
  • The rapid increase of self-pay
  • What the new normal will look like
  • The indelible mark of digital health
  • New roles for AI and automation
  • The nexus of innovation and compassion

Episode Resources

  1. Joseph Fifer’s bio
  2. Thomas Laur’s bio
  3. How to Manage Revenue Cycle and Operational Stability Throughout a Healthcare Crisis
  4. HFMA/AHIP Joint Billing Guidance
  5. HFMA Recommended Coronavirus Resources
  6. HFMA Industry Initiatives: Healthcare Dollars & Sense
  7. HFMA’s Consumerism Maturity Model
  8. Strategies for Managing Cost, Patient-Access Operations, and Revenue During a Crisis
  9. End-to-End Advanced Revenue Cycle Management
  10. COVID-19 Updates & Resources

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