Would you order something online but not expect to know the cost until after the item is delivered? The answer is probably, no! For years, healthcare costs have been a mystery, not revealed until after services were completed. Now, with the shift to cost transparency in healthcare, consumers are acquiring the tools to get advanced pricing on healthcare services. Two important federal regulations are helping to drive this new normal. 

In this episode, host Ed Domansky talks with Mike Peresie about the opportunities and challenges payers face in implementing price transparency in healthcare. Mike is the senior vice president and general manager of the Medical Network business at Change Healthcare.

  • Defining and describing transparency in healthcare
  • The regulatory issues: What they are and how they affect payers
  • What’s keeping payers up at night?
  • What is the payer’s role in enabling transparency?
  • With responsibility comes opportunity for payers … and providers
  • Beyond just regulatory compliance: It’s important for payers and providers to share data
  • The solution: How Change Healthcare helps to educate and influence the industry around cost/price transparency

Episode Resources

  1. Mike Peresie’s bio
  2. Transparency in Coverage final rule
  3. No Surprises Act
  4. Requirements Related to Surprise Billing; Part I Interim Final Rule with Comment Period
  5. True View™ Plus

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