Preparing Cardiology for the Inevitable Move to the Cloud

Cloud computing is reinventing cardiovascular workflows and helping improve how cardiology practices operate. These “zero footprint” clinical solutions provide anywhere, anytime access to cardiovascular modules, patient EHR data, reporting, and more. This on-demand access to workflows and data can help improve patient care in several ways and help reduce administrative costs—not to mention having a dramatic impact on IT overhead associated with “old school” solutions.

On today’s program, Jessica Smith talks with Change Healthcare’s Ori Garini, Director of Product Management, about how cardiology practices can better address cost, complexity, and care with innovative cloud-based solutions.

Here’s what they covered:

  • Consolidation challenges for cardiology practices
  • How and why complexity increased in enterprise imaging
  • The negative impact of poor interoperability on time, money, and care
  • A plan for moving to the cloud
  • EMR interoperability: a core requirement
  • User experience, performance, and workflows that matter
  • Using data to improve patient care and lower costs
  • Cardiology suite and workflow enhancements to expect in 2020
  • The evolution of cardiology reporting
  • Expediting care and reducing of stay
  • Enhancing the EHR experience for clinical users
  • The impact of workflow intelligence
  • The shape of cardiology and enterprise imaging in five years

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