Interoperability for health data took on a new urgency with the COVID-19 crisis. The need for public health measures, like such as contact tracing, showcased progress but also revealed shortcomings. On today’s show, Change Healthcare’s Arien Malec and Deanne Kasim’s speak with Paul L. Wilder, executive director of Commonwell Health Alliance, a not-for-profit that facilitates health data exchange. They discuss how healthcare IT interoperability the industry can drive innovate innovation that mitigates compliance risks and, equally if not more important, improves capabilities and the consumer experienceto minimize the need for further regulation.

Today’s show features Change Healthcare’s Arien Malec, SVP of R&D, and Deanne Kasim, executive director, Health Policy, speaking with Paul L. Wilder, executive director of Commonwell Health Alliance.

  • The importance of nationwide access to health data for patients, providers, and payers
  • The data interoperability and access requirements that emerged during the pandemic and how well the U.S. healthcare system responded
  • Other reasons why universal healthcare record access is needed, for example to reduce the bureaucratic overhead of processes like securing disability benefits
  • How Commonwell's partnership with Carequality promotes health data interoperability and portability"
  • The significance of Commonwell’s Record Locator Service, a federated system for record retrieval operates without the need for a centralized database
  • Where gaps in the healthcare system persist
  • The prospect of increased government regulation
  • How healthcare players can anticipate regulatory requirements and potentially avoid the need for them
  • Where further regulation might still be required to secure broad participation

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