Learn about the work being done to support vulnerable Hawaiians using both technology and indigenous wisdom.

As COVID surged around the world, native Hawaiians were at an increased risk due to socioeconomic factors and comorbidities. To understand the work being done to support vulnerable Hawaiians, we spoke with Kevin Vaccarello to hear how Sustain Hawaii was able to use technology to expand their operation and support their mission of transforming the islands’ capacity for self-reliance.

Today’s panel includes:

Serrah Linares, Vice President, Change Healthcare

Kevin Vaccarello, Founder and Executive Director, Sustain Hawaii

Here’s what they chatted about:

  • What is the focus of Sustain Hawaii, and what services do they provide?
  • How does Sustain Hawaii define health?
  • How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect Sustain Hawaii’s work?
  • Why is the partnership between Change Healthcare and Sustain Hawaii so unique?
  • What type of APIs is Sustain Hawaii currently developing?

Episode resources:

  1. Kevin’s Bio
  2. Serrah’s Bio
  3. Sustain Hawaii Website

Show resources:

Key takeaways

  • Sustain Hawaii is taking a holistic approach to sustainability across food systems, healthcare, technology, and beyond.
  • Sustain Hawaii’s EHR platform has made it simple and affordable to connect Hawaiians with providers and health resources.
  • The unique health needs of indigenous Hawaiians can be scaled for consideration in larger or more affluent populations.

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