How to Proactively Renew Dual Eligibles for Medicaid

Proactively Renew Dual Eligibles for Medicaid

Dual eligibles must recertify with Medicaid annually, but they're often unaware of this requirement or are intimidated by the process. Our Recert Complete® solution helps you proactively engage with this population to help them maintain their dual status and preserve their benefits—as well as your risk-adjusted revenue.

  • Identify, prioritize, and engage dual-eligibles up for renewal based on termination dates and state grace periods
  • Leverage our knowledge of state-specific renewal guidelines and requirements
  • Utilize our robust, intuitive workflow to expedite the recertification process
  • Employ our live advocates trained in senior sensitivities and behavioral science insights
  • Optimize partial to full dual enrollments with our proprietary AI model

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