Payers are achieving significant results with value-based care. A recent survey found that nearly 80% of payers reported improvements in care quality, while 73% improved patient engagement and 64% improved provider relationships.1

Despite this momentum, payers still struggle with the difficulty of securing provider participation and establishing the most beneficial approach to risk-sharing.

In this webinar our experts provide a best practices-based roadmap to help you:

  • Identify the episodes and provider profiles best suited for prospective bundling
  • Define how your benefit structure and members will be impacted
  • Determine how to operationalize and manage the implementation of your prospective program


Christopher Simpkins, Vice President of Analytics at Change Healthcare, is responsible for the organization's value-based payment (VBP) data analytics strategy. He leads a team of analytics professionals who advise clients on how to harness their data to improve the results of their VBP programs.
Liz Sheehan, Clinical Consultant at Change Healthcare, helps maximize the value of the organization's value-based care solutions through customer education, opportunity awareness, and long-term strategic focus.

1 ORC International and Change Healthcare. Finding the Value: The State of Value-Based Care in 2018. Survey, 2018.

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