With the new CMS and ONC regulations firmly in place, individual access is taking off. But there are still some tricky issues to address around consent and data segmentation. In this episode of the Let’s Talk Interop podcast, our panel explores how technology can support consent capture and revocation as well as consent sharing. They also dive into the work our industry is doing to create standardized ways to segment sensitive data so that patients can safely access their own data and caregivers can access data when needed.

Today’s panel includes:

Genevieve Morris, Senior Director, Clinical Interoperability Strategy, Change Healthcare

Hannah Galvin, Chief Medical Information Officer, Cambridge Health Alliance

Jennifer Blumenthal, CEO and Co-founder, OneRecord.

Here’s what they chatted about:

  • How should providers be capturing and communicating consent?
  • Where does our industry currently stand with consent?
  • Which factors are limiting the evolution of consent and data segmentation?
  • What does consent look like from a consumer’s perspective?
  • How can providers de-silo different types of consent?
  • What do providers need to know about terminology and terminology standards?
  • Where do we stand with segmentation standards and where do we go from here?  

Episode resources:

  1. Genevieve Morris bio
  2. Hannah Galvin bio
  3. Jennifer Blumenthal bio
  4. Cambridge Health Alliance
  5. OneRecord
  6. Protecting Privacy to Promote Interoperability (PP2PI) Workgroup

Show resources:

Key takeaways

  • As individuals have gained increased access to their own data, consent and data segmentation have grown in importance
  • The industry is making progress on consent and data segmentation
  • Change Healthcare’s industry-leading tools are helping the industry advance its standards

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