Understand the role of artificial intelligence in clinical decision support, including whether AI is a threat, and factors driving successful AI use cases.

The US Government is poised to make groundbreaking federal and state policy decisions. Special guest Matt Salo, executive director of the National Association of Medical Directors, joins us to discuss the latest congressional action on the infrastructure package, challenges of current budget reconciliations, and Medicaid expansion consideration. We also explore critical state health and health tech topics including the growing data privacy and security policy efforts, state public option models, COVID vaccine hesitancy, how Medicaid programs have addressed public health needs, and what’s next for telehealth policy in states.

Here's what they covered: 

  •  Congressional action on Infrastructure package; budget reconciliation
  • New agency at the CDC for public health
  • Status of state-level 2021 legislative sessions
  • Public Option for expanded coverage
  • COVID vaccines, record prohibitions, and mandates
  • The impacts of telehealth on Medicaid

Show Panelists:

  • Deanne Kasim, Executive Director, Health Policy
  • Angela Evatt, Director State Health Policy - East
  • Steve Brennan, Senior Manager State Health Policy – West
  • Matt Keppler, Senior Manager State Health Policy – Central
  • Matt Salo, Executive Director, NAMD

Episode Resources

  1. Mat Salo’s bio
  2. National Association of Medicaid Directors
  3. NAMD’s Regulatory Priorities for Biden Administration
  4. Deanne Kasim’s bio
  5. Angela Evatt’s bio
  6. Steve Brennan’s bio
  7. Matt Keppler’s bio
  8. Change Healthcare Government Affairs
  9. Change Healthcare Industry Insights

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