Ransomware attacks against hospitals are proliferating. Listen in as we discuss cybersecurity strategies for defense, mitigation, and recovery.

Ransomware attacks against hospitals are proliferating, in part because the attackers understand the consequences of compromising healthcare finances, patient privacy, and patient safety. With well over 60 known ransomware attacks against hospitals and health systems this year, healthcare leaders need to be thinking about what they can do to protect themselves better. On today’s show, Bob Hoover speaks with John Zuziak about the latest healthcare IT strategies that can help mitigate ransomware attack risk.

Today’s show panel features Bob Hoover, VP of Change Healthcare Consulting, and John Zuziak, practice director, IT Risk Management at Change Healthcare.

Here’s what they discussed:

  • Why ransomware attacks targeting hospitals are increasing
  • Reasons why hospitals are vulnerable to attack
  • Hospitals and health systems that were attacked this year
  • How ransomware compares with other cybersecurity threats
  • How risk assessment differs for hospitals vs. other businesses
  • How to quantify risk for executive leaders and board members
  • The connection to COVID-19, remote work, and phishing attacks
  • Strategies for preventing and mitigating against ransomware attacks
  • When defenses fail: How to limit ransomware’s impact and recover quickly

Episode Resources

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