How to Deliver High-Performance Healthcare Marketing


See how our healthcare data solutions can help you maximize business and marketing performance with access to actionable data and flexible analytics tools.


Meaningful Correlations

Globally, the United States ranks 43rd in life expectancy,1 despite spending $3.6 trillion on healthcare per year—more than twice the average among developed countries.2,3 Yet identifying effective methods to reduce waste and prompt behavioral change is hampered by the lack of comprehensive, meaningful healthcare data.

Healthcare data is often inflexible, with limited datasets and cumbersome time lags that make it irrelevant by the time it is available. Our new Data Solutions offering helps close the gap between cost and outcomes by reducing the friction impeding data access, data usability, and analytic results.

Healthcare marketers need access to data that provides new insights and allows flexibility and speed—all while ensuring absolute compliance. Your team can explore existing synergies and correlations by connecting ad logs, social determinants of health (SDoH), and retail loyalty card data with regulated healthcare data, such as pharmacy and medical claims.

Accessible, Usable Data

Move beyond the world of limited data choices, indecipherable black box measurements, or inconvenient vendor business models with access to data that you can customize with your own analytics and measurement methods.

Data Solutions gives your data scientists access to more usable data to help you improve your predictive power and business performance. We provide a clear, fluid view of healthcare that is comprehensive, statistically significant, and actionable.

Our advanced analytics allows you to answer the ultimate healthcare marketing question: Is behavior actually changing in response to marketing initiatives? Learn what is causing behavioral changes, what marketing efforts are effective, and what is not working to inform your organization’s strategy.

Limitless Applications

Data Solutions provides data that can be used in innumerable commercial applications for program planning, execution and measurement, and advertising equivalents. Life Science and Pharmaceutical organizations can use the data to understand changes in loyalty and therapy adherence, determine market sizing, investigate market access dynamics, or explore off-label usage trends.

Medical affairs and value-based contracting modeling applications include support for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), as well as real-world evidence (RWE). Research applications include support for various early-stage clinical trial activities enabling site selection, protocol modeling, investigator receptivity, patient persistence, and more.

Flexible Analytics

Change Healthcare houses one of the largest datasets in the U.S. healthcare industry. Our data warehouse is updated daily, and provides timely insight into care choices, such as loyalty changes or the adoption of new therapies and prescriptions, as well as the pace and magnitude of these changes. Our data depth helps ensure geographic, demographic, care type, and provider affiliation variances are understood and monitored.

Change Healthcare’s Data Solutions offer transparency, control, and agility. Define your audiences to gain actionable insights with measurements that are flexible and granular. As our cycle times are measured in minutes rather than months, the data helps you quickly bring new insights to market and measure the success of specific initiatives.

COVID-19 Collaborations

Change Healthcare is currently collaborating with more than 40 leading U.S. universities, academic medical centers, and industry groups to help researchers track and understand the progression of COVID-19. The data we collect helps data scientists identify which interventions are working, and illustrates the virus’ secondary effects on healthcare choices such as missed doctors appointments or off-label drug usage.

Life and Health Sciences organizations can leverage this research directly or in partnership with researchers. Our analytic datasets can also fuel projections about the shape of our healthcare system and provide important commercial insights about care delivery and the impacts of deferred care.

Absolute Compliance

Change Healthcare created an end-to-end process specifically for high-performance healthcare marketing using a model called Elastic Healthcare Analytics (EHA). Healthcare is highly regulated, and compliance with federal and state-level requirements is essential. Unfortunately, compliance is limiting today and can be slow and expensive, which frustrates data scientists, analysts, and marketers.

Our EHA methodology is an elegant solution to ensuring legitimate data uses. EHA facilitates a secure, hosted, contained environment provisioned exclusively for each client’s use. This flexible, transparent model allows you to leverage your own audience activation and measurement methodology. Change Healthcare pre-populates the deidentified data, and you upload either your own dataset or one of the many available limited datasets (LDS). All datasets are linkable via interactive data language (IDL).

Superior Security

The EHA model helps create a safe haven that protects your operating environment and ensures the data is used appropriately. Our team uses software-based tools that work in near real time to make individual decisions on a case-by-case basis. This level of scrutiny provides you with stronger, more responsive compliance decisions while simultaneously granting you access to more data.

Software-based decisioning capabilities make EHA ideal for high-volume advanced insight generation. There are no limits on iterations or queries, but only compliant output is allowed. All activity is logged and every output decision made in near real time. With EHA, compliance is systemic and largely automated—a process far superior to the traditional manual reviews conducted by HIPAA statisticians.

Customized Tools

The integration of real-world health data, demographics, SDoH, loyalty card data, and more in this secure environment allows you to choose your own statistical methodology and tools such as classification, descriptive, regression, or machine learning. No requirements are imposed, as the EHA exists to help you develop your intellectual property. It is an environment for discovery, model training, and other forms of advanced data science.

Our secure data processes aligns with the highest standards of HIPAA compliance. When we have written permission, we deidentify data using a rigorous and independently certified statistical process in accordance with HIPAA. Data is then linked via a single common deidentified patient token, which is interactive data language (IDL) linkable. The healthcare data is not sourced from surveys or by tracking internet behavior—it is entered by medical professionals.

Improved Performance

Change Healthcare is a large healthcare IT company that occupies a central, neutral position within the healthcare ecosystem. We serve a diverse set of healthcare constituents with networks that span 1,000,000 physicians, 39,000 pharmacies, 6,000 hospitals, and 2,400 payer connections. Each year, we process 15 billion healthcare transactions and $1.5 trillion in healthcare claims. In fact, we process one in three U.S. patient records.

Our Data Solutions help you maximize business performance by giving you access to comprehensive, actionable data with flexible analytics tools. Leverage the largest healthcare dataset in the U.S. to gain critical insights into the effectiveness of your organization’s initiatives. To learn more about how Change Healthcare Data Solutions can help you, visit

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2. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, “National Health Expenditure Data: Historical.”,
3. Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, “American Health Care: Health Spending and the Federal Budget”

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