The New PAMA Math: Laboratory Data Key to Overcoming Medicare Cuts


Discover how the Mayo Clinic established sustainable fee-for-service laboratories within the hospital despite PAMA lab cuts.

This whitepaper explores the impact of recent PAMA cuts and details how fee-for-service laboratories can continue to operate as a sustainable service line within the hospital. Learn how the Mayo Clinic addressed both over- and under-utilization, building value into the provider-ordering process using clinical decision support.

  • Understand the impact of PAMA and the Medicare lab fee schedule
  • Reduce waste, increase margins, and help improve clinical outcomes using foundational data
  • Help improve appropriate clinical lab testing with a structured clinical decision support tool like CareSelect® Lab
  • Leverage medical necessity data to become proactive with laboratory partners and order-generating providers
  • Invest in resources that demonstrate the lab’s value as part of the value-based care transition

Download the white paper to learn more and listen to the audiobook

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