Learn how healthcare providers and payers are using data, artificial intelligence (AI), and technology to build relationships and improve claims processing.

Digital technology is making claims processing more efficient and cost effective—and that is changing how payers and providers collaborate, as well as their relationships. Today Phillip Cardona and Mike Peresie discuss how payers and providers are starting to use AI to analyze electronic medical record (EMR) data, increase claims processing automation, and streamline workflows, all with the potential to fundamentally transform the payer-provider relationship. They also cover the latest AI capabilities, what’s coming next, and how to prepare for the fundamental business shifts that AI can spark.

Phillip Cardona is strategy executive for Change Healthcare’s Payer Growth Program. Mike Peresie is senior vice president and GM of Medical Network at Change Healthcare.

Phil and Mike discuss:

  • How AI's impact on claims processing can change payer-provider relationships
  • Using AI to analyze EMR data to find revenue opportunities and cost savings
  • “Intelligent transactions” and how they can improve efficiency
  • The secret to eliminating paper shuffling, faxing, and snail-mailings in claims processing
  • Why fixing front-end procedures helps speed back-end processes
  • Enabling the remote workforce for today's new business environment
  • Where AI and automation can help improve cash flow for both payers and providers

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