Understand the role of artificial intelligence in clinical decision support, including whether AI is a threat, and factors driving successful AI use cases.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly driving the next era of clinical decision support — but each successful use case spurs new questions about how AI should be used and where it belongs in clinician decision making. Today Andrea Keenan leads an important conversation with Laura Coughlin and Greg Magazu to discuss the role of AI in clinician decision making, and the challenges and opportunities it poses for providers and patients alike.

For Change Healthcare, Andrea Keenan is senior product manager of InterQual, Laura Coughlin is vice president of Clinical Information and Development of Decision Support, and Greg Magazu is senior product manager of InterQual AI solutions.

Here's what they covered:

  • The emerging role of AI in clinical decision support and case management
  • How to balance the value of AI with the value of the human experience
  • How AI is influencing clinical decision support today
  • Primary benefits of AI in clinical decision support
  • AI's use in clinical decision support (CDS) and Case management (CM) today
  • What AI in CDS and CM will look like in 2025
  • Common themes in successful AI use cases
  • The path to AI’s benefits

Episode Resources

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  3. Andrea Keenan’s bio
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  5. How Automation is Changing the Role of the case Manager
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