Health Plan Consumer Engagement Solutions

A solution suite built on proven tactics for plans that want to engage individual members to increase plan revenue, provide the most accurate cost transparency, and improve satisfaction.

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Tailored Member Interactions that Improve Outcomes


Creating connections through customization

As healthcare consumerism continues to evolve, we make it easier to engage with providers, make electronic payments, and make smart healthcare choices based on quality, cost, and convenience of care with solutions across the consumer journey for better member experience.

With over 15 years of experience in social determinants of health, we understand that older adults and low-income families must make spending trade-offs like food, housing, medical bills, utilities, and transportation. 

Our consumer engagement solutions improve outcomes, risk scores, quality ratings, and retention, while decreasing the cost of care to both members and health plans. We’ve helped over 20 million consumers make smarter healthcare choices and take an active role in their health.


Guiding the member journey with proven solutions

Our solutions enroll members, increase engagement, enable premium and bill payment, and improve outcomes. We partner with you to apply our enhanced understanding of members and healthcare solutoins your engagement strategy. 

Our team of experts in behavioral science, data science, and consumer engagement work with you to plan and launch your programs, optimizing your investments.

Powered by multi-channel communications, advanced analytics, and machine learning, our solutions use personalized, multi-channel communications to help your members better understand their healthcare and make educated choices. Our scalable member platform provides accurate cost transparency and provider information on a friendly, easy-to-use user interface.

Impact Behavior for Better Quality

Improve STAR and HEDIS Ratings

Engage members with personalized, multi-channel communications and support that proactively encourages them to understand and act on preventive and chronic care.

With the right information at the right time, members can work with the appropriate provider to address their needs. This reduces readmission rates, increases satisfaction, and improves STAR and HEDIS plan performance.

Increase Engagement

Provide an easy-to-use, accessible healthcare experience to your members with solutions that are customized to their plan benefits, location, and cost preferences.

By drawing members in with relevant communication and giving them tools that make them comfortable enough to ask questions, you can lower healthcare costs and build stronger relationships with personalized member conversations.

Enable Better Healthcare Decisions

Drive changes in behavior through a platform with member and plan-specific information that easily guides members through shopping for their healthcare.

With an integrated knowledge base, powered by accredited content from A.D.A.M.® and Choosing Wisely®, your members can make better decisions about their health, and drive better overall population health, by comparing costs of care and improving their health literacy.