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Patient financial clearance software and services for providers that want to improve patient access workflows, accelerate reimbursement, reduce denials, and increase collections early in the revenue cycle.

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Verify Coverage and Accelerate Reimbursement

Our Financial Clearance solutions and services are designed to maximize reimbursement by helping you verify patient eligibility, identify coverage, and confirm patient identity. Our software streamlines the patient access workflow, providing a single dashboard view of the patient’s complete financial clearance profile. Our dedicated onsite professionals focus on finding appropriate third-party coverage, facilitating eligibility and enrollment, and providing onsite financial counseling.


Reduce denials with data accuracy

Our Financial Clearance solutions offer unlimited eligibility verification and identity confirmation, so you can validate a patient’s eligibility information throughout the revenue cycle. Accurate patient data enables successful downstream processes and helps reduce denials and rework. Our streamlined financial clearance workflow includes automated pre-authorization and medical necessity checking to determine if a pre-authorization is required and on file.

Solutions that automate financial clearance:


Improve collections with price transparency

We provide comprehensive, user-friendly solutions to help you engage in financial conversations with patients at critical points along the patient journey. Our solutions help your organization offer patients the ability to search for prices and consult with staff to understand a procedure’s out-of-pocket cost. Greater price transparency gives patients the opportunity to better manage their healthcare expenses, improving patient satisfaction while helping you meet government regulations. We also enable point-of-service and self-pay collections to optimize payment collection early in the revenue cycle, reducing your cost to collect.

Solutions that improve collections:

Optimize Reimbursement and Improve Patient Satisfaction

Our Financial Clearance services help you decrease uncompensated care by helping patients find appropriate funding sources for their medical bills. Our onsite staff consults with patients to identify coverage, determine eligibility, and enroll patients with government funding sources at the federal, state, and local level. Our team works to establish viable payment plans, collect and process payments, and educate patients about their financial responsibility. We strive to decrease or eliminate patients' out-of-pocket expenses while increasing your revenue.

Solutions that optimize reimbursement:


Everything You Need Financially Clear Patients and Collect Early

Eligibility Verification
Coverage Identification and Enrollment

Addressing uncompensated care is essential to reducing bad debt—especially when your organization cares for a significant number of self-pay patients.

Our solutions identify coverage options, confirm eligibility, and enroll patients in the right program to help maximize reimbursement.

We help you perform eligibility verification throughout the revenue cycle and generate out-of-pocket estimates at every patient encounter.

Registration Quality Assurance
Improved Data Accuracy Reduces Denials and Rework

We help you focus on getting claims paid versus getting them corrected. Our registration quality assurance solutions help identify errors in real-time and allow staff to make correction as they occur. Extensive reporting and measurement capabilities help empower your staff by providing actionable results.

Registration quality assurance solutions help streamline your patient access workflow by improving your clean-claims rate. Ensuring proper patient registration helps improve billing accuracy, reduce costs and minimize aging A/R days.

Third-Party Claim Resolution
Streamlined Accident Claims and Optimized Reimbursement

By collecting accident-related claims, providers can transform complex claims into revenue. Our Third-Party Coverage Services manage reimbursement from accident claims, including motor vehicle accident and workers’ compensation claims.

Our team of professionals manages all aspects of these claims, from initial outreach to following up to help ensure claims are resolved. Ensuring accurate and timely reimbursement of complex claims helps reduce aging A/R days and improve patient satisfaction.

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