Provider Communication Service

A care coordination and strategic communications solution that helps improve the communication of critical, actionable diagnostic imaging findings and follow-up recommendations.


CommunicateActionable Imaging Findings

  • Improve patient care by reducing barriers that delay physician-to-physician communication 

  • Provide an additional level of service to meet referring community needs

  • Enable revenue growth by increasing efficiency and leveraging add-on services to grow volumes
  • Reduce workflow disruptions by offering a single access point to connect providers, freeing their time so they can focus on higher value clinical tasks

  • Enhance physician satisfaction by reducing burnout

  • Monitor follow-up compliance rates and proactively send reminders to improve adherence

Increase the Reliability and Efficiency of Imaging Finding Communication

  • Expedite Communication Between Physicians

    • Prioritize communication of actionable imaging findings, categorizing them as critical, urgent, or incidental.
    • Establish and monitor service level agreements (SLAs) and baseline key performance indicators (KPIs), such as workforce and workflow queues and case and issue backlogs.
    • Give providers a direct 1-800 number to reach command center agents who facilitate physician-to-physician phone connections. Physicians can quickly collaborate and consult on actionable imaging findings or discuss a case.
  • Realize Communication Benefits Across the Enterprise

    • Navigate complex health network contacts and on-call schedules to ensure the appropriate care or imaging provider is contacted. 
    • Speed access to imaging findings through secure closed-loop communication with individual messaging preferences.
    • Ensure up-to-date information on changing shift schedules and varying specialist availability. Take advantage of automatic contact management, with a service that always has current data about which contacts are in-network and out-of-network.
  • Communicate with Patients Directly

    • Use intelligent tools for tracking and confirming follow-up communication about care management. If desired, care providers and patients can be automatically alerted to any incidental findings that require additional imaging.
    • Deploy patient-centered communication campaigns, featuring reminder notifications throughout the exam follow-up process—from findings delivery to exam ordering and scheduling.
    • Improve patient communications to help reassure anxious patients awaiting scheduling­, ultimately ensuring patient follow-through on follow-up care recommendations.

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