Artificial Intelligence for Echo Workflow

An echocardiography software solution for providers who want to automate the echo workflow with key measurement analysis to support ultrasound users, resulting in reduced variability and increased consistency.


What’s Included in Artificial Intelligence for Echo Workflow

  • Speed and accessibility

    • Get immediate and reproducible results on every echo study in the echo lab
    • Images are processed and stored on hospital servers
    • Images never leave the hospital
  • Advanced features

    • Auto view selection and analysis of the optimal three apical views generating Global and Segmental Longitudinal Strain (GLS) and Ejection Fraction (EF) for all studies
    • Auto right ventricle analysis generates Free Wall Strain (FWS), FAC, and TAPSE in a single click from one apical 4ch view
    • Integrated workflow selected views and results appear in the PACS viewer as in-motion secondary capture
  • Key clinical and operational benefits

    • Key measurements for every patient
    • Consistent and reproducible results
    • Trending capabilities
    • Integrated workflow
    • Vendor neutral
    • Edit mode
    • On-prem processing
    • Increases strain reimbursement
    • Maximizes existing resources
    • Increases scanning capacity


Consistent, automatedEcho Lab results with AI technology

Precision to help improve patient outcomes

LVivo Seamless™ has a proven return on investment using CPT® code +93356 to help streamline reporting, increase accuracy, and increase strain reimbursement. Automated and accurate echocardiography software can help give time back to clinicians, improve patient outcomes, lower operational costs, and improve clinical outcomes.

Choose different views and/or beats to easily edit

Use echocardiography software that includes an edit mode, allowing users to easily choose different views and/or beats by utilizing an LVivo Seamless workstation to easily edit the contour results. Help improve your clinicians’ daily workflow while enhancing the quality of care for patients.

AI in cardiology to help reduce variability and subjectivity

Echo workflow allows customers to reduce the variability and subjectivity associated with visual and manual measurement processes with AI in cardiology.

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