MedRx™ and COVID-19 Medical Claims

Change Healthcare continues to monitor the rapidly evolving situation surrounding new regulations pertaining to medical claims billing and COVID-19, and will provide updates as circumstances change. Any questions regarding these notifications, please contact Pharmacy Support at 866-379-6389.

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Summary of COVID-19 Published Communications

Change Healthcare regularly communicates relevant COVID-19 information to our customers via our standard Customer Service Alert channel. Below is a summary of these communications along with links to the information that has been shared previously for your review. If you are not signed up to receive these announcements, please click here and complete the online request form.

DME MACs and CMS COVID-19 Updates for Pharmacies

May 29, 2020

  • Signature Requirements on Proof of Delivery During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Oxygen and Infusion Pumps: CGS and Noridian COVID-19 Claims that were Submitted Without a Certificate of Medical Necessity or DME MAC Information Form (DIF) and Denied

Download CSA 052920A

May 22, 2020

  • HHS Advisory Opinion Further Supports Pharmacist-Provided COVID-19 Testing: Federal Action Preempts State, Local Policies
  • COVID-19: Payment for Diagnostic Laboratory Tests
  • COVID-19: Which Laboratory Claims Require the NPI of the Ordering/Referring Professional?

Download CSA 052220g

May 15, 2020

  • Medicare Pharmacies and Other Suppliers May Temporarily Enroll as Independent Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories to Help Address COVID-19 Testing
  • Extension of Payment for Section 3712 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act)
  • CMS Increases Medicare Payment for High-Production Coronavirus Lab Tests
  • Billing of Part B Drugs and Enteral Nutrition to DME MACs During COVID-19 Pandemic – Dispensing Amounts – Revised

Download CSA 051520D

May 8, 2020
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Releases for Pharmacies
Update to the Durable Medical Equipment Fee Schedule in response to the CARES Act

Download CSA 050820A

May 8, 2020
DME MACs and CMS COVID-19 Updates for Pharmacies
Expansion of COVID-19 provider testing, NCPDP testing guidance, and Uninsured Coverage

Download CSA 050820L

April 29, 2020
DME MACs and CMS COVID-19 Updates for Pharmacies
Updates on Sequestration, Advanced Payments, Relief Funds, Uninsured Coverage, and TPE

Download CSA 042920b

April 24, 2020
DME MACs and CMS COVID-19 Updates for Pharmacies
Information on Provider Relief Fund, NC Medicaid flexibilities, and Ventilator billing

Download CSA 042420b

April 16, 2020
DME MACs and CMS COVID-19 Updates for Pharmacies
COVID-19 Testing expansion, Sequestration suspended, and DMEMAC AA Payment forms

Download CSA 041620a

April 10, 2020
DME MACs and CMS COVID-19 Updates for Pharmacies
Updates to DMEPOS replacement, PA, accreditation, and Signature requirements

Download CSA 041020b

April 2, 2020
Financial Payment Changes for Pharmacies
Expansion of the Accelerated and Advanced Payment program for participating providers

Download CSA 040220e

March 20, 2020
COVID-19 Medicare Day Supply Adjustment for Pharmacies
Days supply limit increased for Part B drugs during COVID-19 pandemic

Download CSA 032020d