Member Correspondence Advocate

A customizable communication product for health plans and administrators that want to improve member engagement through printed, telephonic, and electronic correspondence.


ImproveCommunications With Your Health Plan Members

  • Transform member communication into meaningful, interactive engagement channels. Capture attention and compel action with targeted information relevant to each member’s well-being.

  • Convert paper-based correspondence to digital content to align with select member preferences. Reduce administrative costs related to printing and postage.
  • Create a differentiated member experience through personalized, timely, omnichannel communications. Work to improve retention and foster trust with high-quality, customizable content.

  • Increase member communications through multiple channels, including printed, telephonic (IVR), and electronic correspondence.

Drive Engagement with Clear Member Communications

  • Customized member kits, ID cards, and regulatory communications

    • We personalized your communications that describe benefits, member services, quality-of-care policies, and other information to help create a positive first impression and instill member confidence.
    • Our high-quality, saddle-stitched booklets and member ID cards are printed in full color.
    • This is a single source solution that provides full-service fulfillment for all printing, assembly, and mailing.
  • Member-friendly EOBs

    • We write, format, and design EOBs so they will be easy for members to understand as well as match to billing statements. This can also help reduce calls to your customer service. service.
    • Consumer-friendly EOBs can help drive member satisfaction and retention rates.
    • Our EOBs include a four-color design and they can be printed/ mailed or delivered electronically. Options include consolidating for monthly or episodic delivery, which helps reduce printing and postage costs as well as drive member satisfaction.
  • Diverse communication solutions for health plans

    • A wide array of correspondence options is available and can be customized to meet your needs, including print, telephonic (IVR), and electronic (email).
    • Member communications include premium notices/invoices, provider and pharmacy directories, and newsletters.
    • Communications/transactions for providers include explanation of payments (EOPs); authorization, denial, and compliance letters; Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) and Explanation of Coverage (EOC) letters; checks and electronic payments: electronic remittance advice (ERAs); year-end tax forms; and newsletters.

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Improve Member Communication and Engagement with Multiple Channels


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