InterQual® Criteria Technology

A variety of access options for providers and payers who want to use InterQual Criteria and streamline the medical review process.

Technologyoptions to view criteria and streamline medical reviews

Optimize your workflow

View InterQual criteria at your desktop or on the go by using our convenient options for mobile delivery and  reference-only access with locally installed and web-based applications.

Improve care team collaboration

Grant network providers access to InterQual criteria subsets by implementing an intuitive, reference-only format through their provider portals. 

Streamline the care review process

Guide clinicians through the criteria and enable the prioritization, sharing, and scheduling of follow-up reviews by following clearly defined workflows.

What's included

  • Access options for InterQual® Criteria

    • Get locally-installed, reference-only access to view features, informational notes, and citations (included with your license)
    • Rely on a simple user interface for Android™ and iOS (Apple®) mobile devices to access InterQual Level of Care Criteria, without needing a data connection (included with your license)
    • Opt for affordable, cloud-based access to InterQual Criteria, delivered in a reference-only format with a simple, easy-to-use interface
    • Give network providers an easily navigable, reference-only view of InterQual Criteria via their provider portals
  • Applications to streamline InterQual medical reviews

    • Combine InterQual Criteria access with data management, aggregated reporting, and review transmission capabilities via our Review Manager solution
    • Perform interactive InterQual medical reviews without revealing protected health information with our cloud-based Anonymous Review solution
    • Automate the prior-authorization and medical review process with our cloud-based Medical Review Service, integrated into your existing UM/CM system 


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