What to Expect from Change Healthcare Cardiology Solutions™ at RSNA 2019

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As we got ready to showcase our cardiology solutions at RSNA 2019, we sat down with our Enterprise Imaging executive team to hear more about Change Healthcare’s presence at the show.

In the second of our three-part series on our core Enterprise Imaging solutions, we talked to Sundeep Rao, General Manager of our Cardiology Solutions team, about what to expect this year.

Q. How are you helping vendors save costs, recover unclaimed revenue, and improve corporate compliance?

Sundeep Rao: Our Change Healthcare Cardiology™ solutions are built to interact seamlessly on a shared infrastructure with a customer’s EHR. This design helps to ensure that structured data collection is performed naturally and efficiently, as part of your staff’s standard procedures across the continuum of cardiovascular care.

Our single database architecture also enables easy onboarding of new facilities, while helping you maintain a low total cost of ownership (TCO). The flexible architecture and high interoperability also help maximize your EMR and vendor-neutral archive (VNA) investment.

With our analytics module, organizations can uncover actionable insights to help them lower the cost of service. Our Change Healthcare Cardiology Charge Manager™ workflow helps ensure efficient, accurate charge capture. Collected data can also help improve compliance, as better data workflows reduce physician reporting complexity and inefficiencies.

Q. How does the Change Healthcare Cardiology™ solution help streamline workflow, reduce complexity, and enhance the EHR experience for the clinical user?

Sundeep: The Change Healthcare Cardiology solution helps you create an efficient, EHR-driven workflow through its seamless integration with modalities, the EMR, and the VNA. Our single database architecture for all modules gives your users a single point of data entry.

We take care of all the inbound/outbound interfaces in the background, creating a simple workflow experience that reduces complexity and ensures that our customers maximize their EHR investment. Because it is web-based, clinicians can work on their tasks at any time, from any place.

Q. What are you doing now to improve patient care and drive clinically significant outcomes?

Sundeep: Improving patient care is our core mission. Our entire product experience is designed to help your physicians and staff deliver fast, accurate, and efficient patient care. And to get there, we need systems that all talk to each other, systems that enable caregivers to quickly and easily track a patient’s record across disparate systems. To that end, using HTML technology, we have built one of the broadest product portfolios in the market, ensuring that clinical staff have access to the data they need when they need it.

A key feature of the Change Healthcare Cardiology solution is its interoperability. We believe that there must be seamless interoperability with the system in which your clinicians live and work. With all our solutions collecting structured data into a single patient record, we can create actionable insights from that data, driving measurable outcome improvements. We are constantly investing in development and in keeping our workflow solutions customizable and flexible.

Q. What are you most excited to show at RSNA?

Sundeep: Our cardiology suite features six important enhancements this year. These include five important web-based functions—a full web review station, a web viewer, a web user interface, a web report, and a web report editor. The sixth item is our offering of new operating system platforms that will feature Win Server 2016 and SQL Server 2017.

These changes are basically a continuation of the cardiovascular workflow innovations we launched with our 14.x version line. Since last year, our releases have included enhancements to our procedure list and reporting platforms. In addition, all workflows now originate on the web client.

The enhancements help facilitate additional TCO reduction, increased IT flexibility, and improved workflows for all stakeholders. With our innovative new platforms, physicians can benefit from an easier, faster, and more accurate data entry and consumption process.

Q. Why should a customer come to visit us at our booth for a demo?

Sundeep: The best way to see and hear about everything we are doing in cardiology is to stop by our booth. We are re-inventing cardiovascular workflows, and we’ll be happy to show you firsthand how our vision has manifested itself in our products.

Our demos will offer hands-on experience with our solutions. Stop by to see how we’re improving workflows and outcomes while helping to reduce the TCO and your IT overhead. We look forward to chatting with you!


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