Trends in Revenue Cycle Outsourcing

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Navigating the transition from fee-for-service to value-based models has many providers struggling to control costs and ensure a healthy cash flow.

In this interview with Keith Slater, National Vice President of Sales at Change Healthcare, you’ll learn:

  • How consumerism is changing how hospitals are engaging with patients from a revenue cycle perspective
  • Why providers are consolidating revenue cycle vendors to handle all facility and pro-fee needs
  • Hot revenue cycle trends in physician engagement, patient access, and coding
  • Where providers are using outsourcing to solve specific revenue cycle management problems
  • How to measure, manage, and improve revenue cycle performance when faced with multiple technology platforms managing multiple practices
  • Secrets to getting and keeping the revenue cycle on track regardless of organization size

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Design learning is a new approach to patient billing and statements that can have a profound impact on the consumer experience and revenue cycle effectiveness.

In this interview with Bryce Bruner, Director of Communication and Payment Services at Change Healthcare, you’ll learn:

  • How ...
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