Transforming Bundled Payments into Episodes of Care Can Give Hospitals, Payers an Edge

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You don’t often get to see how a major payer is leveraging value-based care to improve their competitive position. But Healthcare Finance Editor-in-Chief Tom Sullivan did manage to get a look into what’s happening at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ).

Sullivan spoke at length with Lili Brillstein, BCBSNJ’s Director of Episodes of Care. Brillstein shared how they’re successfully embracing bundled payment efforts, to advance a patient-centered approach with their provider partners.

Noting that HealthQX value-based payment software from Change Healthcare is a key part of the effort, the story shows how others can benefit by BCBSNJ’s experience, advancing a patient-centered approach that’s proving to be a competitive advantage.

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Change Healthcare urged hospitals to follow their KPIs on a weekly if not daily basis to improve their efficiency–advice that was featured in Becker’s Hospital CFO Report.

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