The Power of Design Thinking

 In Medical Billing & Claims

Design learning is a new approach to patient billing and statements that can have a profound impact on the consumer experience and revenue cycle effectiveness.

In this interview with Bryce Bruner, Director of Communication and Payment Services at Change Healthcare, you’ll learn:

  • How patient focus groups and data science can be used to design billing statements that motivate patients to action
  • Industry trends driving providers to apply design thinking to the billing cycle
  • What’s behind their seismic shift from print to digital billing, including market demand for digital statements and integration with consumer payment channels
  • The impact design thinking can have on the billing cycle, including increased revenue, faster collections, lower defaults, and fewer calls from confused consumers with billing questions

And a lot more …

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Echoing some ideas put forth less than a week earlier by Change Healthcare, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma announced several new initiatives for interoperability at the HIMSS ’18 Conference in Las Vegas. During her keynote address, Verma said that for data to flow freely, ...

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